A clogged sink in the Amsterdam area?

A sink rarely becomes clogged at once. It usually begins with flared sounds and slow water drainage. In most cases this is being ignored, until it goes wrong. Then the unclogging of your sink by an experienced specialist is inevitable. If so, then call De Gootsteenontstopper Amsterdam to resolve the problem and let your kitchen drain run water through as it used to do.

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Causes clogged sink

A blockage of the kitchen drain is in most cases being caused by a combination of soap and fat. Soap and hot water dissolves fat, but when cooling down the grease adheres itself to the inside of the drain. Poking a hole with a thin spring is only a temporary solution, so if possible we always try milling out the pipe to the original diameter. Should it be necessary that unblocking work has to be done in the crawl space, different rates apply. The technician will always inform you about the costs, before the actual work is started.

Drain cleaning products

In many cases drain cleaner is used to try and solve a clogged sink. These products often make the problem worse. It can occur that drain cleaners cause a hard lump in the sewer which causes damage to the drain, and eventually leakage. Not only are these plungers bad for the environment, they can cause chemical burns to you as well to the mechanic. We strongly recommend not to use these kind of drain clean products.

If your sink starts to let water run through more slower than normal or you hear gurgling sounds, it is wise to have it cleaned and inspected by De Gootsteenontstopper Amsterdam before a blockage occurs. Drain cleaning products are expensive, and will only worsen the situation. After we cleaned your pipe, we will give you the right advice on how clogging in the future can be prevented without the use of these products.

A clogged sink is never convenient

Of course you can save money by preventive cleaning of your sink drain as soon as the first signs of an impending blockage arise. A clogged kitchen drain is not always immediately visible in the sink. The water will then exit through the open dishwasher drain in the sink cupboard, what can result in damage to your kitchen or leakage at the neighbors.

Tip: maintain the kitchen drain yourself

The biggest enemy of the drain in the kitchen is fat. Have a good quantity of hot or boiling water regularly run down the drain, add a few cups of household soda, and the fat will dissolve and be removed.

Do you have a clogged sink in Amsterdam?
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